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Hello dear friends. We would like to introduce to you our project Carmen which we write an inform about on our website We are married couple (Filip & Alena) with little son Matej and with lots of traveling experiences. At the and of year 2014 we bought a old secondhand steel sailboat Carmen which Mr. Barina build in 70’s of last century following the plans received from Dutch shipyard Van de Stadt. The boat has a relatively long and interesting history and had experienced a lot therefore it was hard for Mr. Barina to say goodbye to his boat. But He was relieved when he explain to him our plans and he found that the boat goes into the good hands as we are both enthusiastic about the sailing, traveling, diving and nature and sea at all. Boat stays in dry dock currently and we do all necessary repairs, adjustments and modernizations and simultaneously we equip her for comfortable and safe voyage to meet the needs of our family and we could rely on it for 100%. We have a plans for the July 2016 to move onboard and get the boat to the sea. We want to spend some time in Europian waters to learn how to live onboard, handle it and get some experiences and in the future we would like to move further to hot lands of Carribean and maybe even further through the Panama channel to Pacific islands and to Asia. Than maybe one time back to Europe from the second side.

Find more information about us, about our boat and our plans in these posts:

Not only there but also from the other posts you can find out more about us and you can better understand the reasons why to start cooperate with us and support us.

You can become donor as an individual or company

At the daring and big project like this we count the starting and operational costs in thousands of euros. We also count with the fact that we will be working during our voyage to make some extra money. Carmen and our journey is not a type of project under the patronage of giant companies and we still cover the expenses from our own savings. So we would kindly ask anyone who likes our goals, has a similar dreams and hobbies or just has a the desire to do a good deed to support us. We do not require thousands of Euros. Even a small sum of a few bucks counts and will for sure delight and help.
In case your company would like to support us materialy or financially, we are ready to reward appropriately

Here is a more detailed list of rewards which we are able to offer for your help:

  • Publication of the banner or logo in the Partners section of our website
  • Possibility of agree to sail with us on some part of voyage according to contribution
  • PR article in the Partner section according to pre-agreed form and range
  • Review of the donated goods or equipment
  • Publishing of photos with the donated goods/equipment
  • In case of financial donation for the mainsail there is the possibility of placing the company logo on that sail
  • Advertising in an agreed range on social networks (Facebook, YouTube)
  • Advertising after the end of the voyage, propagation on sailing and travel festivals and events

We would like to give a big thanks to all our sponsors and donors for your support!!

We prepared for you 3 ways of contribution described below. In any case it depends also on our mutual communication and agreement to choose the rewards from options above.

  1. We will appreciate any kind of material goods from your assortment which would be a useful on our journey. We would appreciate also the discounts. Therefore we would like to ask only for goods related to repairing, renovation and boat equipment  for long-term cruise. Also the outdoor and sailing clothes and equipment for living in nature and on the sea. Snorkeling and freediving equipment. And equipment related to photo and vide documentation. Here is a OUR LIST as an example of stuff which we will need. This list will be updated according to our actual needs. You can contact us in following ways:
  2. In case you decided to support us by financial donation you can send the money directly to our bank CZK account in czech mBank:
    Account Number: 670100-2204620550/6210
    IBAN: CZ45 6210 6701 0022 0462 0550
  3. Or you can send us the money safely online using your PayPal account in any currency! You can do that from Send money pagetab and put our email as a receiver or you can simply use the following button.

And one more thanks to all donors! You can contact us here and we will reply to you immediately:

Contact form: