Summer is over but not so the work

You saw the pictures of cabin after we started to work on it at the and of last blogpost. It is still far from finish but you can already see some diferences.
apredapo copy

There is also the electrician currently working on boat except us. He got the plans wiring and connections and now he tries to do it in that mess on boat. There are already the cables to front cabin lights and 12V sockets from Alenas father. Charging, solar panels, grid box, VHF, navigation and a lot of other stuff will be done proffesionaly from tha boat specialist. Batteries and Solars we will buy later.

panel copy copy


Filip bought GPS plotter from England. It is Standard Horizon so it is tha same brand like a VHF radio which will be good for intercommunication between these devices. Also the charts would be little bit cheaper than Garmin. We are still waiting for the welder to finish our anchor locker. Another welder has finished the solar panel platform.

Meanwhile we got married in September in the Giant mountains chalet and we got a new Dinghy frou our friends as the wedding present.


The wedding was the hilarious event full of smiling people…


Than we bought also the used 2.5HP engine Yamaha for our new dinghy. At the weekend we did a stress test and everything worked well and smoothly.

aaDSC03766                                                 aaDSC03756

Than we packed everything and moved back home. Dinghy has almost 30kg, engine 17kg so Filip again wrenched his back almost. Our bedroom becomes to be warehous full of tools and equipment. We have a 3 sails, gib and genoa and we going to buy a new mainsail.

BTW the boat which is parked next to Carmen is not there anymore so our stinger is now visibile in all its glory.


Because of the fact that Matej our departure will be delayed a bit, Matej will grow up from the saboteur to the more competent crew. He is already can know the orders to sit and bring. But sometimes he tries to run away and chew all the plastic and inflatable toys including the pool.


Winter is coming and we didn’t do everything what we have planned and needed. So it is not so optimistic result. At the end we dismantled the rear berth to be possible to prepare the wirings there.


We would like to also finish the anchor locker this year and have the bow completed. But there is still some issue with the shape of the locker. Meanwhile it is still getting colder and colder and when the temperature drops below the 15°C than we would not want to saw the boat as it will not be possible to use the anticorrosion paintings as it would not work properly in that conditions. So hom much time do we have? A month? Maybe less….

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