About us

We are couple who like traveling. We don’t like stereotypes and certainly not consumerist way of life. Both of us was born in 1981. Filip is working in IT as Siebel specialist. I am occasionally working as a assistent of director in Czech TV news and have experiences with journalism and copywritting. Sometime in 2012/13 we decided to go travelling. We started to write this blog in that time. Saved some money, left jobs, left appartment, gave away a lot of belongings and after cca one month farewell party we finally hit the road to the east. Following pictures better communicates our first five weeks:

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Was it caused by the farewell party? Maybe. Pregnancy was in its 5 ½ weeks. After initial horror and dread it relieved a bit and we decided to change the plans markedly but continue with our journey with our friend doctor approval. We were traveling around the Greece, Turkey, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam. Most of time we spent in Thailand where Filip became a freediver and I became a whale. We came back to Czech republic just 6 weeks before the birth. Matěj was born in May 2014 and time flies…

Matěj, stár 8,5 měsíce

… and baby grows up and we didn’t get domesticated and continue with planning what to do next. As we are also enthusiastic sailors and we like the sailboat cruising lifestyle so we still tried to fulfill our biggest dream. We found a boat, talked with owner and finally we bought this beauty. Her name is Carmen and it is 37ft steel sailboat with very interesting history. She was built in Czechoslovakia following the plans by Van de Stadt. This year will be in name of repairs and adjusting the boat to fit well to our small crew.


The boat is now in dry dock. There will be a lot of work. For example new electricity or check the interior for some rusty spots to fix it. It means to demount complete wooden interior. Then the paint a new external coat. Equip the boat with instruments and lot of other stuff. Sew the new sail. Build a extensional construction for solar panels, etc. We will write down everything to this blog so stay with us.

Future plans

We want Carmen to leave Czech Republic at spring 2016. Spring because we would like to catch the high water in the river Elbe to save some money for transportation on the road. The more we know about the boat the more we find it will cost and financial prognosis is getting worse. So we have to get the boat to proper state and save the money for our voyage. For now everything points to reach the deadline. We can berth the Carmen somewhere in Poland which is cheaper then the Mediterranean and we can work a little bit longer if needed.

Anyway then we want to continue cruising around the Europe to the Mediterranean and once the proper time will come we will aim across the Atlantic ocean to the Carribean. Then further through the Panama channel to the Pacific islands and New Zealand and then maybe our favorite Asia. From Asia it is only small hop across the Indian ocean around the Africa back to Europe. But this plan is just preliminary. We will adjust it more detailed according to actual situation in our family and in the world. It is possible that we will like some place more and decide to spend there more time so then we will not catch another place. Plans are there to be broken. Anyway it will be good everywhere if we will be on the sea!


In case you have some questions, suggestions, ideas or just want to share your knowledge or skills you can contact us in blogpost comments or privately on email: info@ficzech.cz

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