We don’t sleep, still working

Time flies pretty fast. In cca one month we would like to get out. Interior is almost done, electricity and electronic works, mast stands, Mattresses are newly upholstered. Boat floats and water doesn’t flow in. She is moored and keel is securely stuck in the mud. Here is a small photodocumentation. For example take a look how to stand the 13 meters tall mast using the 10 meters crane. But let’s take it step by step.

hovno-1 copy

Painting was sabotaged mostly by nature. Lots of stuff  was falling from surrounded poplars for several weeks. See the pictures.




We have a new running rigging (ropes). Interesting is that it weighs about 30 kilos. Maybe it doesn’t belong here but I have to mention that this consignment arrived in time  when the elevator did not work and Filip was not at home. We live in the 5th floor. Elevator started to work right after everything was at home and I totally exhausted closed the door.




Engine is checked and we made new shaft bearing. Rudder was welded in several places. Bilge pumps are ready (automatic one has an alarm and one is manual). But in case of emergency the fastest is the man with a bucket…






We send big thanks to everybody, who did the babysitting for us even just for a while. If I can stop keeping eye on him and work was the biggest help for me. He also helped us – especially when he was sleeping long.

presun pevna takelaz



Carmen goes to water. There is a standing rigging on the right pic. We needed stand the mast. We had all the stays and shrouds described has the rigging doubled so we wanted to do it with somebody who knows how to and who will teach it to us. So we called Mr. Hacmac who was taking care about the Carmen before us so he came to help us.



So because the crane was few meters lower than the mast, we had to place the mast console on the boat exactly under the pulley. Mast was fixed under the second level spreaders. It was necessary to have a several strong men (we had) and it is good to have the pulley which is not ten times rewound (we had not). We found it when the mast was almost standing but with bigger effort we did it.





Petr Šimon measured and drilled the holes for the mast steps several weeks ago and Michal Hroch attached them to the mast. Those were really helpful and we used them several times at the first day on the water.





We also tried a new mainsail and attached the lazybag (again with help with Petr and Pavel Jakubec). So I cannot forget to mention the immediate plans. We will move Carmen out of Prague for sanding and painting. At the same time we will finish the interior. Most of the timber is fitted back.





Autopilot has arrived. We have almost everything of needed and mandatory equipment. Lifejackets, harnesses including the one for Matěj – right pic. We have ordered the medical box, safety lifebuoy and emergency flares. My mom sewed beutiful covers for all matresses. We have a safety net for reiling. We let our dinghy engine checked…




It remains to describe the voayage plan which has changed a bit. First we planned the cruising inland through the Rhine, Rhone and the french channel to the Marseille. It would take about 3 weeks and there is about 180 locks. Rhineland would be very nice. However we have got and interesting offer from the carrier. We were thinking about several seconds and than said yes. We will move Carmen directly to Slovenian marina in Koper. Than we would like to sail around the Italian east cost to avoid as far as possible expensive Croatia and than head somewhere to Greece.

Besides the aforementioned, we have to also thank to Šimon, Václav, Pavel the electrician and Mr. Pasler who takes care about the engine. Also thanks to Erik, Jana, Martin and Jeník for creating new boat banner and logo for Carmen…

And now we also handle the paperwork, Belgian registration, VHF registration, boat insurance. It was pretty hard to get the approval of VAT payment exemption. We meet the conditions that boat was homemade and it was finished more than seven years before Czech republic had joined the EU. But nobody couldn’t tell us where to get this paper. Custom officers claimed that nothing like this exist. Tax office didn’t know anything. Finally we received the answer from General Tax directorate and we have the needed paper.

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