First steps – shopping

Mans have new toys

We have just came back from shops. Before it we had a meeting with specialist for boat electricity who will take care about the core installation of electric system on our boat. My father will help us with the rest wiring. But it will still cost a lot as emerged from this meeting. Now we are going to check and map current wiring. First we have to demotage all wooden parts of interior but this would be waiting for us in any case as we want to sand and varnish all furniture and panelling.

matej naradi


Of course we have already started with shopping of some equipment as well. Filip bought a new VHF radio with AIS receiver. We also bought some basic tools and some other equipment and suddenly we found the we spent 700$ just in one blink of an eye. But finally we can start planning tasks which must be done because spring is knocking on the door. First we will remove mast and boom from the deck over the board to make a free space for safety move on Carmen. Than we can slowly start with interior. Most of wood is in good condition but some part has to be changed. For example the cockpit linig is ruined. There will be appropriate material needed so we are looking for some teak ideally. We don’t have an access to worshop in our marina Cinda so we consider to use some public DIY workshop near to our appartment where we can do some works. Good that we have a big car.


Floor is almost ruined

We’re curious how it will look when it is bare. We hope that there will not be much unpleasant surprises. Than comes the new electricity. We are still detect  and think about the ways how we handle everything. For example there is a built-in refrigerator in Carmen. One time we were thinking to put it away. Finally we decided to keep it. Beer will not cool by itself, will it? We will build a superstructure for solar panels in cockpit. Also the new LED lights for interior and external positional lights will be installed. Of course we will have to buy new batteries considering two traction-batteries(cca 150Ah) + one starter battery. New electric anchor windlass to save Filip from pulling the anchor manually. This and much more we will have to integrate to tidy and safety (first) system. There are much things but we have to be modest to keep budget so a lot of things we will try to keep manual. Like a toilet flushing. Originally we didn’t want either the anchor windlass, because the Carmen was severeal years working without it and this is another thing which can get damaged but according to circumstances that we would like to anchor more than the previous owner we decided to try to find some. Pulling manually several tens of chain meters + 20kilos anchor would be tough…even if the first or second try to drop anchor safety fails.

So, what is our basic tools or equipment on board?

  • First of all it is a tool case + several organizers and boxes for screws, bolts and nails
  • Electric extension power cord reel
  • Drill
  • Cordless drill driver
  • Compact ladder
  • Current-Volt multimeter
  • all kinds of screw and drill bits
  • different pliers
  • tape measure tool
  • hammer, axe

and additionally we will buy

  • Painting tools (steel, wood)
  • Bolt cutter, hacksaw
  • Wrench
  • Riveting tools

… and many others spare parts like shackles, bolts, pulleys, tensioner lever fittings on the ropes with eye, rivets, insulating paste and tape, ropes, hoses and so on (excuse my translation :) ). There will be much more things, so we will add it when it occurs.

Stay with us…

6 thoughts on “First steps – shopping

    1. aja Post author

      Cao Tome, no to my se taky tesime. Dneska jsme to tam zkoumali uz podrobneji a ted vymyslime, jak to pripadne jeste vylepsit a prizpusobit. Skoda, ze jste na druhy strane sveda, brigadnici se nam asi budou hodit :D Tak si vas budeme muset najit nekde v Asii.

  1. Lenka

    Je to skoro rok, co Filip psal, že doufáte, že na vás někde ta vysněná loď čeká. A taky jo, jen co teta Kateřina vyspraví stožárovou plachtu, můžete vyrazit. A propos tesařskou tužku máte?


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