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We don’t sleep, still working

Time flies pretty fast. In cca one month we would like to get out. Interior is almost done, electricity and electronic works, mast stands, Mattresses are newly upholstered. Boat floats and water doesn’t flow in. She is moored and keel is securely stuck in the mud. Here is a small photodocumentation. For example take a look how to stand the 13 meters tall mast using the 10 meters crane. But let’s take it step by step.

Summer is over but not so the work

You saw the pictures of cabin after we started to work on it at the and of last blogpost. It is still far from finish but you can already see some diferences. There is also the electrician currently working on boat except us. He got the plans wiring and connections and now he tries to do it in that mess on boat. There are already the cables to front cabin lights and 12V sockets from Alenas father. Charging, solar panels,

Holiday on boat

We were looking forward to this all the spring. Filip’s one week holiday is coming. And we spent where else but on boat. On boat which is still in dry dock… So at least we bought a inflatable pool. We finally spent a few days at the time on Carmen and we were endlesly mounting, dismantling, sending and painting. We moved to saloon. Its dismantle seemed to be easy at first glance. Nothing special, but… here are beautifully suited sentence

Hedgehog is out of the cage

Sorry, this entry is only available in Czech.

We started with front cabin

It almost looks like we have all the tools and stuff for work. We feel at home in Bauhaus and Baumax. We needed to buy all for sending, cutting, painting, screwing and all kinds of woods and metal processing and work. So we have a excellent mobile workshop now. Missing just the jig sawand and pens which will write well in bad conditions. Works started in front cabin. Most of wooden covering is removed and some of it is already


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