We started with front cabin

It almost looks like we have all the tools and stuff for work. We feel at home in Bauhaus and Baumax. We needed to buy all for sending, cutting, painting, screwing and all kinds of woods and metal processing and work. So we have a excellent mobile workshop now. Missing just the jig sawand and pens which will write well in bad conditions. Works started in front cabin.


Thanks to Jandis, Pavel, Michal, Lukáš for help with removing the mast from top of the boat safely

Most of wooden covering is removed and some of it is already painted. There was a several questions about it. If to remove everything or just a part. We were looking for agreement  which kind of colour to use. Covering or glaze? Dark or bright? What brand etc…

Finally we decided to dismantle at least the front cabin completely. There were several reasons for it. The boat was in operation cca 25 years so it is clear that it can’t be in perfect condition under the wooden coat. There was a condensed moisture on the ceiling so some places are rusty and some moldy. But nothing nightmarish. Also some wood is attacked by fungi. It is a plywood oak and beech propably. We gave up a original plan that we will sand everything. My father helped us but we realized that we would send to death ourselves. Most of parts are slightly deformed so our electric grinder couldn’t handle it. We will just wash the old wood, treat it and repaint. The worst pieces we will replace by the new ones.

There are 4 water tanks under the beds. It would be a little fuckup because 2 of them will not be possible to remove. Bottom is V shape with several partitions so water was being held there so the side plates are like a new but the bottom is rusty a bit. These parts we will sand and treat chemically by Rezol 2000. This should take care about the remainnig rust and than we will repaint it again.
IMG_4010We’ll remove the mold from the ceiling and treat it to protect the ceiling against the further attack at least for some time. My sister will help me with this (she doesn’t know it yet).

Wood which is already outside we want to install back as soon as possible. So we must hurry but sometimes it takes more time with the baby.

When choosing a colour we choosed a conventional Balakryl. We also decided for covering bright creamy color. Looks like white. It will be quite a change so we are really curious for the result. Dark shades would be also nice but in this small area with limited acces of sunlight it would not be ideal. Some pieces of furniture we will leave with natual wooden color just with new glaze (tables, shelfs, doors, window frames, …).

There will be a pain in the engine area. It is rusty little bit more and there is not enough space for work.

We are thinking how to fix the kitchen floor to avoid leaking water under the floor and furniture wood.

Before we put the painted wood back we will do also the new electricity wiring. It means preparing for interior and exterior lights, IMG_4040anchor windlass (still dither), water pump. Electricity will be step by step done in whole boat. My father will help us with some part. Solar system, charging, junction box, connection to alternator, 230V dock connection will be done by proffesional boat electrician.

Thinking also about the plexiglass exchange. This would be eventually done also before the reinstall the wood. So now we are in painting, cleaning, wiring and rust removing. Lets see how we can do it.


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